Hi WriMos,

I'm Steve Shepard, the developer of Storyist. One of the remarkable things about NaNoWriMo is that it doesn't cost anything to take part. The NaNoWriMo folks cover their costs through donations and sponsorships. And that is where we can help. I'm proud to announce that Storyist Software is an Official Sponsor of NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo again this year.

Since November is fast approaching, and, like many writers, you're probably trying to decide what software you're going use to write your novel, I've put together some information about why you should consider Storyist. Feel free to ask questions on Twitter, Facebook, or in the Storyist Forums.

And good luck with your novels!


Storyist Family

Storyist for macOS and iOS

Storyist is a writing environment for novelists. Unlike generic word processors, Storyist helps you track your plot, characters, and settings, and keeps all of your writing organized and accessible so you can focus on your manuscript. Some of the top features include:

Full-Featured Word Processor

Storyist provides the word processing tools you expect from a top-notch creative writing application, including page layout and support for headers, footers, and style sheets.

Flexible Outliner

With the built-in outliner in Storyist for Mac, you can work with your manuscript, plot threads, cast, and settings in outline form. You can even color code your outline to get a high-level view of your story.


The storyboarding tools in Storyist let you sketch out a story using index cards, and then refine it with customizable plot, character, and setting sheets.

Word Count Goal Tracking

The Writing Goals inspector in Storyist for Mac makes it easy to track your daily writing goals.

Full-Screen Editing

Want to remove the distractions and focus on your word count? The full-screen editing mode puts the whole screen at your disposal, turning your Mac into a dedicated writing environment.

Works Great with iCloud and Dropbox

Storyist works great with both iCloud and Dropbox. If you choose to store your files in either of these cloud storage services, your files are always available on any of your devices.


Getting Ready for NaNoWriMo

"What are you writing this year?" It's the question on everyone's lips at the regional NaNoWriMo kickoff parties. The answer, even among seasoned NaNoWriMo veterans, is often "I don't know." If you don't know either, relax—you're in good company. Read »

Setting Up Storyist for NaNoWriMo

So you've downloaded Storyist for Mac, familiarized yourself with the new features, and maybe spent some time planning your novel. Great! Here are a couple of additional suggestions to help you get the most out of Storyist during NaNoWriMo. Read »

How to Format a Novel Manuscript

In the standard format, section text is double-spaced, left-aligned, and set in a 12-point Courier font. The first line of a paragraph is indented one half inch, or 5 characters, from the margin. Read »

Special Offers for NaNoWriMo Participants

  • Use the coupon "NANOWRIMO16" at checkout to get 25% off Storyist for Mac through December 15, 2016.
  • Download the special NaNoWriMo edition of Storyist for Mac that will let you use Storyist for Mac for free for the month of November.