Installing Your License

After you purchase Storyist, your license file is sent to the email address you provide at checkout. Normally, installing your license file is as simple as clicking on the license attachment in your email reader. If this doesn't work for you:

  1. Launch Storyist.
  2. When the Trial dialog appears, click Add License.
  3. Drag the license to the area indicated in the dialog. (You can also click Choose and use the Open dialog to choose the license file from a location on disk.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I purchased Storyist. Why haven't I received my license file?

After you complete your purchase, you receive two email messages, one from eSellerate (the payment processor) containing your purchase details and one from Storyist containing your license. If you do not receive these emails within 5-10 minutes after you complete your purchase, check your spam folder; your spam filter may have flagged them as spam.

Question: I've checked my spam folder, and the license isn't there either. What next?

At least one provider of free email accounts (Yahoo) may delay delivery of an email for up to 24 hours for if it thinks the email might be spam. If you believe this is happened to you, send an email to support with an alternate address and we'll be happy to send you another copy of your license. And when you license does finally arrive, please mark it as "Not Spam."

If you don't receive either of the emails, it is possible that there was a typo in the email address you provided at checkout. If you suspect this was the case, send email to support with your order information and we'll send a copy of your license out to you right away.

Question: Why doesn't the license install when I click on the license in my mail reader?

Storyist licenses are simply text files with the extension ".storyist2license". Some mail readers (e.g. Entourage) can rename the extension of the attachment. If this happens to you, save the license to disk, rename the license to have the correct extension and open the license file with Storyist. Alternatively, you can drag the license file to the dialog you see after you click "Add License" from the Trial dialog.

Note: For Storyist 1, the extension was ".storyistlicense".

Question: I had to rebuild my machine and I no longer have my license. Can you resend it?

Not a problem. Just send email to support at storyist dot com from the email account you provided when purchasing Storyist, and we'll send you another copy.