New in Storyist 3 for iOS

New in 3.3

iCloud and Dropbox Version Browsing

Storyist can now display and restore from versions stored in iCloud and Dropbox in addition to versions stored locally.

Smart Quotes and Dashes

Using the Tools > Edit > Substitutions menu, you can now enable smart quote and smart dash processing. You can even select the smart quote style from the Tools > Preferences window.

Image Import and Export

Prior to version 3.3, Storyist could import and export images using the Copy/Paste command. In version 3.3, you can also use the document picker to move images into and out of your project.

New in 3.2

Dark Mode

Dark mode displays light text on a dark background. Now you can write in ’till the wee hours without the glare of a white page to tire your eyes.

Title Pages for PDFs

When you select PDF as the export format, you now have the option of choosing a title page from the project (or home screen) or having one generated from the file metadata.

Adjustable Font Size in Draft Mode on iPhone

Text too small on your phone? Rounding out the trio of features is the ability to change the font size when in draft mode on iPhone.

New in 3.1

Slide Over and Split View Support

iOS 9 brings new multitasking abilities to iPad, and Storyist 3.1 takes advantage of them. Now you can work with other apps without switching screens. Need to check a fact while you're writing? Just split the view and open a web browser.

Extended Keyboard Enhancements

On iPad, the extended keyboard is now part of the new iOS 9 shortcuts bar and includes additional writing and formatting options, so you have more flexibility in how you configure the keyboard.

Native Editing of Scrivener Files

Storyist for iOS can now edit Scrivener files in addition to Storyist, Final Draft, Fountain, RTF, and plain text files.

Updated RTF Converters

Version 3.1 brings a number of new features to the RTF converters, including the ability to embed images.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

If you use a physical keyboard with your iPad, you'll love the new keyboard shortcuts for editing and navigation.

New in 3.0

iCloud Support

Storyist 3 for iOS adds support for iCloud. When you first run the app, you'll be asked to select a storage location for your files. If you choose iCloud, the files you create on your device will be stored in (automatically synced with) the Storyist folder in your iCloud Drive folder, and will be available to any Mac, iOS, or PC device that can access that folder.

Enhanced Dropbox Support

If you instead choose to store your files in Dropbox, the files you create on your device will be automatically synced with a Dropbox folder of your choosing. By default, syncing happens automatically while you're editing. You can still sync manually if you want.

iOS 8 Document Picker Support

Storyist 3 supports the iOS 8 Document Picker. This means that you can exchange files with any cloud service that provides a Document Picker with its iOS app.

For example, you can access files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, and Transmit simply by installing those apps and enabling their document pickers.

User Interface Enhancements

Storyist 3 home screen has a number of enhancements.

  • The file modification time is now displayed beneath the name.
  • You can now keep your files arranged by name or by date.
  • A single Add button replaces the "New Project" and Import buttons that were available on iPad in Storyist 2.
  • A new "More" button allows you to see the cloud status, change the cloud storage location, specify how you want your files arranged on the home screen, and contact support.

The Storyist 3 UI also includes updated application and sidebar icons to match iOS 8 and Storyist 3 for macOS.

Improved Sync Conflict Handling

A sync conflict can occur if you edit a file on more than one device before these changes are to the cloud. Storyist alerts you to this situation as soon as possible and presents you with an interface that allows you to quickly and easily choose which version(s) of your project you want to keep.

iPhone 6/6+ Support

Storyist 3 includes support for the native iPhone 6/6+ resolutions, allowing you to make better use of the larger screens on these devices.