Storyist and Blurb

Storyist has partnered with Blurb, a popular self-publishing platform, to provide you with book creation and distribution tools that make it easy to print and sell your work.

Why Blurb?

Blurb is known for producing beautiful books. From short stories to epic sagas, publishing your Storyist book is easy with Blurb.

A Professional Finish

From beautiful printing options to high-end book covers, help your Storyist book stand out on the shelf with bookstore-quality finishing touches in industry-standard trim sizes.

Flexible Print Solutions

Print 1 copy or 1,000s. Choose among print on demand, high volume, and offset printing options based on your pricing strategy and customer demand.

Free ISBN & Distribution Tools

Blurb provides a free ISBN ($125 value), along with tools to share and sell your books online at, and through channels like and Ingram’s distribution network.

How It Works

1. Create a PDF

Use the Blurb templates in Storyist to quickly turn your manuscript into a print-ready PDF.

2. Upload Your PDF to Blurb

Simply create a free account and upload your Storyist PDF, and a cover file, to the Blurb site.

3. Choose Your Print Options

Choose the format and select among other options for printing your book with Blurb.

Upload to Blurb


Working with Styles

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Creating a PDF for Print

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Customizing Your Book Design

If your book calls for something a little different, you can use the built-in templates as a starting point for your own designs. This step-by-step tutorial (with sample files) shows you how. Read »