Storyist Software Application Privacy Policy

This page describes the information that may be collected by Storyist 4.2 and later, how we may use it, and how you can opt out if you want to. You can find information about older versions of our software (prior to 4.2) here. Privacy is important to us, and we believe that you have the right to privacy when using our apps. If you have questions, please contact us. We'd be happy to discuss it with you.

Note: If you're looking for our website privacy policy, please see this page.

What information do we collect?

Storyist for iOS and versions of Storyist for macOS downloaded from the Mac App Store do not collect information about you or your system configuration.

With your permission, versions of Storyist for macOS downloaded from the Storyist website may collect:

System Configuration

Versions of Storyist for Mac downloaded from the Storyist website may send a software update request to our server. To accomplish this, we use the open source Sparkle framework. Storyist will ask you if you want to share system information when checking for updates. If you agree, the software update request contains:

If you don’t want Storyist for Mac to include this information, you can opt-out by opening the General pane of the Storyist preferences window and unchecking the "Send anonymous system info when checking" checkbox.

Note: Update checking for apps purchased from the App Store or Mac App Store is handled by the operating system, not the app, so you won't see a setting for it in the preferences window.

In-App Purchases

Storyist for macOS uses in-app purchases to unlock the app after the free trial period ends. Versions of Storyist for macOS downloaded from the Storyist website use software from Paddle to process these purchases.

If you choose to purchase a license in the app, you will be asked to provide the personal information necessary to complete the transaction. This information includes:

Paddle handles your personal information in accordance with their privacy policy at After checkout is complete, Paddle shares your email address and license code with us. We may use this information in the following ways:

Note: For apps downloaded from the App Store or Mac App Store, in-app purchases are handled by the operating system. Apple doesn’t share any personal information with us.

Do We Disclose Any Information to Outside Parties?

We do not disclose the information to outside parties except as required by law.

Rights of EU Citizens Under GDPR

Citizens of the EU may exercise their rights under the General Data Protection Regulation by sending email to

Last Updated: October 21, 2020