New in 3.5

Print-Ready PDFs

Use the book templates in Storyist to turn your manuscript into a print-ready PDF. The new book editor lets you add front matter (like a table of contents); specify verso/recto pages; and set trim size, margins, and bleed.

Blurb Trade Book Templates

Storyist has partnered with Blurb, a popular self-publishing platform, to provide you with book creation and distribution tools that make it easy to print and sell your work. Use the included print-optimized templates to quickly build beautiful Blurb Trade Books.

New in 3.4

Touch Bar Support

Storyist 3.4 adds support for the Touch Bar on the 2016 MacBook Pros, and includes touch bars for editing text, outlining, and storyboarding.

New in 3.3

Updated Goals Inspector

The updated goals inspector is now accessible directly from the toolbar and gives you more ways to track your writing goals. The calendar, graph, and summary views now give you daily, weekly or monthly views of your progress, and you can even export your session data to a .csv for use with a spreadsheet application.

macOS Sierra Support

Version 3.3 comes with support for macOS Sierra. Take advantage of new Sierra features like tabbed windows and Siri.

New in 3.2

Comment Inspector

The new comment inspector lets you add, edit, and delete comments. Comments are searchable, so you can quickly find the comment you're looking for and jump to the appropriate section in your manuscript.

El Capitan Support

Version 3.2 comes with many enhancements for macOS OS X El Capitan, including support for Split View in full-screen mode. Now you can view your external research alongside your manuscript in a distraction free environment.

New in 3.1

Dark Mode

Starting with version 3.1, Storyist for macOS can take full advantage of the dark mode controls when running on Yosemite.

Index Card Printing

Like to see your story on a real cork board every now and then? Storyist can now print storyboard items (e.g. index cards) and outlines.

New in 3.0

User Interface

  • New Look—Storyist 3 comes with new icons and a streamlined layout that takes advantage of new Yosemite features.
  • Welcome Window—A new Welcome window shows your recently edited files.
  • Expanded Inspector Functionality—The Inspector now includes additional formatting options and provides quicker access to file settings.
  • Redesigned Toolbar—A redesigned toolbar takes up less space (great for laptops) and features a customizable context-sensitive status view.
  • Notification Center Integration—Word count and progress notifications now appear in the system-wide notification center.
  • Track Pad Support—Storyist 3 supports gestures like swiping and pinch-to-zoom.

The Project Manager

  • Versions Support—Storyist 3 automatically saves versions of your projects using Apple's Autosave and Versions technology, so you can use the built-in Versions browser to explore previous versions of your projects, copy and paste sections of text into your current project, or restore entire projects.
  • iCloud Drive Support—On Yosemite, Storyist 3 supports iCloud Drive, so your Storyist files are always available on any of your Macs. And Storyist takes care of the synchronization, even if your project is open on multiple computers.
  • Custom File Templates—Storyist 3 lets you create and save file templates in addition to project templates.
  • Daily Writing Calendar—Storyist 3 keeps track of your daily progress and presents it to you in calendar form, so you can see your progress at a glance.
  • Project Word Count Tools—Tell Storyist 3 which files to count, and it will keep track of your word count for you over the course of your project.

The Word Processor

  • Snippets—A new text shortcut facility lets you define multi-part text snippets (bits of text) to be inserted with just a few keystrokes. And Storyist 3 comes with default snippets that make it a snap to write dialog without having to type the punctuation characters.
  • Incremental Find Bar—Shows all search "hits" on a page and includes support for wildcard search terms.
  • Import Style Sheets—Ability to reformat a text file with the stylesheet of any template or file in the project.
  • Show Invisible Characters—Easily find stray characters.
  • Typewriter Scrolling—Option to have the selected text remain centered on the screen as you type.

The Outliner

  • Word Count Rollups—Heading level outline items now show the cumulative word counts for their contents so you can see the word counts for both sections and chapters at-a-glance.
  • Show/Hide Body Text—Ability to hide body text sections in the project and outline views. Great if you write in chapters, not sections.

Requires Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks or later.