New in Storyist 4 for macOS

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New in 4.3

Support for macOS 13 Ventura

Storyist 4.3 adds support for macOS 13 Ventura. It also includes new templates for creating PDFs for printing paperbacks and bug fixes.

New in 4.2

Support for macOS 11 Big Sur and Apple Silicon

Storyist 4.2 embraces the new look in macOS 11 Big Sur. Check out the new toolbar and sidebar designs. And if you're getting a new Apple Silicon Mac, don't worry. Storyist 4.2 runs natively on the M1.

Versions Across Devices

If you store your project in iCloud, you can now see previous versions created on your other devices. You can even make copies and share them using the new Share button in the versions window.

Window Tab Enhancements

Like window tabs? You’ll love the enhancements that version 4.2 brings. New “Open in Window Tab” commands let you quickly create new tabs for items within the project. Tab names display the selected project names, so you know at a glance what’s open in each tab.

New in 4.1

Support for macOS 10.15 Catalina

macOS 10.15 Catalina brings a number of under-the-hood security enhancements. Starting in Catalina, all apps distributed outside the App Store need to be notarized by Apple in order to run on your Mac. Storyist 4.1 is notarized and includes support for Catalina's Hardened Runtime features.

Additional Cursor Style

Storyist now offers the option of using an iOS-style cursor in text files and sheets. iOS-style cursors are slightly wider, and are easier to see. To change the cursor style, visit the Text Editing pane in the Storyist preferences.

New in 4.0

Dark Mode

Storyist 4 for macOS sports a beautiful new content-aware dark mode when running on Mojave or later. Many apps only support dark mode when your Mac is in dark mode, but Storyist 4 takes it a step further. Dark mode is available even if your Mac is running with the Light appearance and you can choose either dark text on a light background or light text on a dark background.

Quick Navigation

Getting around your project has never been easier. You can use the new Go To command to get to any project view with a few keystrokes.

Enhanced PDF Export

Sometimes you just need to make a PDF from several files in your project. Storyist 4 lets you quickly assemble and export a PDF without needing to create a book. This is useful for adding a title page to a manuscript or for assembling a couple chapters to send to your critique group.

And More

Storyist 4 comes with many other enhancements, including an updated outliner, a more flexible full screen view, and animation, performance and usability improvements. And if you prefer to purchase from the Mac App Store, Storyist now offers free trials and upgrade pricing. No subscription required.